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Calling all 4th Graders

Calling all 4th Graders 0

While we love American Main Streets we are also big fans of all the amazing outdoor wonders and cool historical sites the good ole USA has to offer as well. And if you happen to be a 4th grader right now you can enjoy all the amazing national parks our country has to offer FREE! Just follow the link below, participate in a short and fun online activity and you have your 365 day pass to explore. This pass isn't only good for the fourth grader in your crew but any other kids under 16 accompanying them and up to three adults. Grandma, time for a road trip!

While you are out and about exploring another great tool we've used with some of our mini-Main Streeters and one staff member who will literally watch any historical documentary - literally any - is a great app from the history channel that allows you to find  history close by. Aptly named (pun intended) History Here, this free app let's you pull up historical sites around you, gives info which is not just a link to wikipedia, directions and the ability to share these spots with friends. Great to to maximize any road trip with kiddos or history obsessed cubicle buds.

For a low tech option to keep the kiddos engaged and chronicle family memories we are obsessed with the 50 states journal we carry. We love this American made journal and it's quirky facts, maps, trivia and ways to record special memories. We love the education aspect and love that kids get to record their specials thoughts about the trip. Makes us long for the station wagon journeys of our youth. 


And lastly for those who love a scientific reason to justify a good road trip we recommend the thought provoking book "Last Child in the Woods"  which discusses the impacts of kids spending more time indoors than out. Book includes action steps to take in your own community and daily lives. Getting those 4th graders into National Parks for free would certainly qualify!

Happy road trippin', and share some pics!





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Wichita Falls, TX 0



Hotter’N Hell 100.


Cross state bike rides have kind of become a “thing’ but the brutal honesty of this one really caught our eye. Wanting to find a way to celebrate Wichita Falls, TX’s centennial this bike riding festival won the honor. What to call it? Wichita Falls is Wonderful? Nah let’s go with something that truly describes the event! 100 miles in 100 degree (or plus!) heat does in fact sound like hell to us. But we applaud this town’s bold embracing of the heart of the matter and creating an event to celebrate their town that isn’t for sissy’s, or people who don’t like sweating. Full details here:

Nazareth, Pennsylvania 0

Summer is here folks! It's time to pack up the family station wagon and hit the road. Want a musical pilgrimage this summer? Then we suggest visiting the C.F. Martin and Company guitar manufacturing facility. So much we like here – made in the USA, yay!, tour is free, also yay!, and these guitars are frickin’ sweet. Played by some of the biggest musical stars in the world, you know like guitar amateur Eric Clapton and the doucheist guy you knew in college alike, these guitars have been an American mainstay since the 1800’s. What’s better than American made goods? American Rock and Roll, my friends.

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