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Gilroy Garlic Festival 0

Forget those "summer bods" you never really perfected and instead dedicate a weekend to some serious indulging. July 29th-31st, Gilroy, California will host the 38th Annual Gilroy Garlic Festival--"Summer's Ultimate Food Fair"! In addition to the Garlic Showdown or Garli-Que BBQ Challenge, there are over 50 food vendors. At the Gilroy Garlic Festival, you'll find garlic in everything--from pasta to kettle corn! 

Calling all Pryos!! This year YOU can actually participate in the Flame-up Contest with the famous "Pyro Chefs" who put on a sizzling show while cooking up some garlicky calamari and scampi over giant flames in huge iron skillets. If you are feeling brave or just have a really weird fire-fetish, visit the Gilroy Garlic Festival Facebook Page to enter.

  • KC Smith

Get Stuffed at the Pierogi Fest 0

The Pierogi Festival in Whiting Indiana, July 29th – 31st , 2016, is our kind of party. A multi-day event to celebrate a potato filled pasta is something we can get behind.  Not only are these days filled with starchy and yummy goodness (see what we did there…) the Village People are playing! This is just the cherry on top to the Polka dance off, the lawnmower parade – sandals and black socks required, and babushka dress up attire en vogue. So wait, we get to eat as much as we want, including dessert pierogis while wearing house coat? Truly our prayers have been answered. Complete with the host of the event Mr. Pierogi and Polkahontas, who will be judging the dance off, naturally. It’s the kind of weird fun your summer needs.

Happy July 4th! 0

At Main St. Shop we love the 4th of July – we love America so what better holiday than the one that celebrates the birth of our nation? You know what else we love? Commitment. And that’s what we think is so cool about the Bristol, RI 4th of July parade running 231 years strong. You read that right, 231 years – straight! This year they were even awarded their own license plate, which comes with some nice perks like not having to visit the DMV again and a percentage going to support our Veteran’s (way to two-fer!). We’re not going to miss their drum and horn competition – it’s a marching band duel to the death (we’ll almost…)! We think a little Sousa slam is the perfect addition to watermelon, fireworks and some real gratitude for living in the best country on this globe. Happy birthday to this wonderful, welcoming land we call home.


  • KC Smith

Shark Week Family Fun Fest 0

Shark week is lurking and in preparation, Downtown Silver Springs, MD celebrated with their annual Shark Week Family Fun Fest. Locals and visitors embraced these "fintastic" creatures with face painting, balloon artists, music, and shark fin hat and other giveaways. Not to mention the one time is it appropriate to take a selfie with a shark--Chompie Jr., the official mascot of Shark Week, was posing for pics!

See all of the photo contest entires on social media, #Chompiegram  

Shark Week Family Fun Fest


Ready, Set, Run! 0

Think the Running of the Bulls in Spain looks exciting but like animals and value your life? Well then, America delivers AGAIN, with the San Fermin en Nueva Orleans, July 8th - 10th in New Orleans. Break out your snappy casual white outfit and requisite red scarf and prepare to run the French Quarter while being chased by “Rollerbulls” - local gals from the Big Easy Rollergirls, and other derby divas recruited from across the country. If you’re a slow runner, you’ll find yourself chased down and whacked with a whiffle bat by one of these, not goring you to death but still giving you an odd rush, “Bulls”. It’s weird and fun and there is booze. It’s followed up by the La Festival de Pantalones, the Pants Party. Book your travel now, and stretch.

Duck Tape Festival

Duck Tape Festival 0

Your Dad was on to something. Duck tape really is for everything and should be properly celebrated. Well, thanks to the fine people in Avon, Ohio, you can celebrate this utilitarian, sticky, fix-all, be-all. Who needs the Rose Parade when you can revel in the artistry of one of the duck tape floats? Live music, a parade, food, what more could you ask for? Mark your calendar now for June 19th -21st. And bring your rolls, there’s a fashion show people. Make it count.

  • KC Smith