Monday Mojo — #pierogifest2016


Get Stuffed at the Pierogi Fest 0

The Pierogi Festival in Whiting Indiana, July 29th – 31st , 2016, is our kind of party. A multi-day event to celebrate a potato filled pasta is something we can get behind.  Not only are these days filled with starchy and yummy goodness (see what we did there…) the Village People are playing! This is just the cherry on top to the Polka dance off, the lawnmower parade – sandals and black socks required, and babushka dress up attire en vogue. So wait, we get to eat as much as we want, including dessert pierogis while wearing house coat? Truly our prayers have been answered. Complete with the host of the event Mr. Pierogi and Polkahontas, who will be judging the dance off, naturally. It’s the kind of weird fun your summer needs.