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Coffin parade? Yes please!

Coffin parade? Yes please! 0

There are so many fun things to do in the Fall. Pumpkin patches, apple picking, haunted houses, all great activities, but we came across a festival we think really takes the Halloween vibe up a notch. The Emma Crawford Festival takes the misfortunate burial of Emma, historical resident of Manitou, CO and celebrates it to the fullest. The young Emma died early of tuberculosis and wished to be buried atop a hill, which she was thanks to her fiancé (super romantic right?). Unfortunately a little over a decade later her coffin was washed down into the canyon below, where some bones, the casket nameplate and the metal handles were found. So, we aren't  saying it was a rush job, but it took eleven men to get poor Emma up the hill and frankly that kind of man power should have been able to dig the appropriate hole. We digress. It is said she now haunts the canyon, to our aforementioned point, we'd understand if she does. Today's residents celebrate Emma with a wake, which we plan on recommending that in the future they use our fabulous skull cake pan and cakelet pans for the dessert buffet....  Also a spooktacular festival and what we think is the best part the coffin parade.

We've all heard about parades and festivals where you get to build your own float but a souped up coffin float? We are so in. People naturally come from all over the country to compete and don't be surprised if you see a Main St Shop coffin in next year procession.

More info on the festivities here: