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Coffin parade? Yes please!

Coffin parade? Yes please! 0

There are so many fun things to do in the Fall. Pumpkin patches, apple picking, haunted houses, all great activities, but we came across a festival we think really takes the Halloween vibe up a notch. The Emma Crawford Festival takes the misfortunate burial of Emma, historical resident of Manitou, CO and celebrates it to the fullest. The young Emma died early of tuberculosis and wished to be buried atop a hill, which she was thanks to her fiancé (super romantic right?). Unfortunately a little over a decade later her coffin was washed down into the canyon below, where some bones, the casket nameplate and the metal handles were found. So, we aren't  saying it was a rush job, but it took eleven men to get poor Emma up the hill and frankly that kind of man power should have been able to dig the appropriate hole. We digress. It is said she now haunts the canyon, to our aforementioned point, we'd understand if she does. Today's residents celebrate Emma with a wake, which we plan on recommending that in the future they use our fabulous skull cake pan and cakelet pans for the dessert buffet....  Also a spooktacular festival and what we think is the best part the coffin parade.

We've all heard about parades and festivals where you get to build your own float but a souped up coffin float? We are so in. People naturally come from all over the country to compete and don't be surprised if you see a Main St Shop coffin in next year procession.

More info on the festivities here:


Clarinda Iowa

Clarinda Iowa 0

There is something quintessentially great about small towns. Main St Mojo can exist in a city of any size but we particularly love when a city out kicks their coverage. Clarinda, Iowa does just that. Despite being a small city of roughly 5000 people it attracts over double that thanks to it’s amazing art museum. Take in the story here:


We’ve definitely added this town to one of our most cultured Main St Mojo spots – is there a way to measure culture per capita? The trifecta of someone giving back to their home town, saving a cool historic building and involving a community in art – the kids are docents just gives us the warm fuzzies. More about the museum here:

World Championship Grape Stomp 0

We’re already missing the Olympics but to feed our need for competition and because we are starting to get excited about Fall, we’d encourage you to book your tickets now for the Sonoma Harvest Fair. Wine, food and most importantly, the World Championship Grape Stomp. That’s right, international competition involving a team of two showdown, proving which team is the fastest at producing the good stuff. Stompers from all over the world have won the right to compete in the Festival and vie for the World Champion title. We like wine, and think getting an eye full of the feet that make your beverage is not a bad idea. Not a bad way to kick off Fall in our opinion. September 30th - October 2nd.

Dog Days of Summer 0

Dogs welcome, people allowed! The Dog Days of Denton is celebrating its 23rd year, Saturday, October 1st, 2016, from 9am - 3pm at the North Texas State Fairgrounds. This is THE original Texas festival for pooches and their people. The schedule of events is jam packed with Canine Couture Costume Contests, Pet Tricks, Dancing with the Dog Contest, How Obedient if Your Dog?, Dog Singing Contests and more. 

Remember to bring a donation of food for the Denton Animal Shelter. Get the perfect holiday card photo of your furry companion with their "GlamFur" shot.

Barnesville Potato Days – Barnesville, Minnesota 0

This festival has been rated one of the most “a-ppealing” festivals in the USA and you can join in August 26th- 27th 2016. There is plenty of the standard summer fun festival activities like kids games, quilting show, parades, but what really caught our attention was the mashed potato wrestling contest. Mushy like mud but tasty like, well, mashed potatoes. Weird AND yummy.  

Add to that the potato sack fashion show and the crowning of the new Miss Tater Tot and the weekend is complete. This festival was started in the late 1930’s which means it has some real staying power much like the mashed potatoes one might find in varied places post wrestling we are guessing.

Bill Johnston’s PIRATE DAYS – Alexandria Bay, NY

Bill Johnston’s PIRATE DAYS – Alexandria Bay, NY 0

Arrrgh you ready for 10 days of pirate fun and events!? August 12th - 21st, 2016, the Alexandria Bay celebrates the annual Bill Johnston's Pirate Days.  "Bill Johnston was a renegade after the Patriots War, who blew up the British steamer, Sir Robert Peel, hid among the 1000 Islands, and was hunted by both U.S. and Canadian authorities."  The entire town is STRONGLY encouraged to dress as a pirate. Those seen out of costume are likely to be captured!  A band of sword fighting pirates can be seen on all 10 of the days and each day is filled with, cannon and musket fire, pirate invasion with tall battle ships, pirate crafts, pirate skits, and pirate story time! All wrapped up by the Bill Johnston's Pirate Days Grande Parade.