Labor Day - Why American MANufacturing matters to us!

Labor Day - Why American MANufacturing matters to us!



“Why carry only made in the USA items? “ is a question we are asked a lot. And there are several reasons why, but one of the core pillars of our choice is based on the confidence we have that American made products are made by workers that enjoy some of the world’s best labor protections. Is the USA perfect? Many would argue certainly not, but considering conditions in many manufacturing countries today aren’t much better than they were here during the industrial revolution here, we believe buying American will help raise the standard for all. We’ve flippantly said “Made in the USA means you know your products aren’t made by a 6 year old…” But that’s no joke. Retailers that rely on cheaply made products from countries can claim they inspect factories but the truth is buying products from regions where workers are not protected puts real people at risk.


Also, American workers do it better!. We know the products we carry are not throwaway products. They are built to last and you can feel the quality. Studies have shown that American workers are some of the most productive and innovative in the world. Did you know that most American manufacturers, a startling 99%, are considered “small” or employ less than 500 people?[1] Yet for each job in manufacturing, 4 jobs in supporting industries are created.[2] Sounds like a win, win to us!


Lastly, we happen to think that the foundation of many of our modern labor laws (40 hour work weeks, no child labor, etc.) happened to be championed by the first female U.S. Secretary of Labor, and the first female cabinet member, Frances Perkins (in the 1930’s!!), is fairly bad ass. Side note, she was also the longest serving in that post.


All around we think some great reasons to support American workers by buying American. We hope you agree and encourage you as we enter the holiday gift-buying season to source your gifts American made!


[1],2, National Association of Manufacturers.




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