Yellow Pig Day Calls for 17 Random Things to Do

Yellow Pig Day Calls for 17 Random Things to Do

July 17th is Yellow Pig Day which is actually a celebration of the number 17! This unofficial holiday was created in the 1960s by Princeton mathematicians to celebrate the number 17, which is not only a prime number but is the sum of the first four prime numbers – 2,3,5, and 7. The holiday’s mascot is a Yellow Pig with 17 toes, 17 eyelashes, and 17 teeth...because, why not?


Here are 17 Random Things to do Today

1. Pick up 17 pieces of trash from your local park or beach.

2. Draw a yellow pig or make one out of clay/play dough. 

3. Invite 17 friends to an impromptu pool party and see who shows up!

4. Bake something sweet for someone sweet as a surprise. 

5. Listen to only tracks 1 and 7 on all of your favorite CDs.

6. Bob Ross it up and paint a landscape.

7. Walk 1.7 miles. Practice your "power walk" before the summer olympics. Remember, you have to keep on foot on the ground at all times. 

8. See how many Pokémon you can find within 17 miles of where you are right now.

9. Play a game of Geominos. Get your geek on with these math inspired dominos.

10. Leave a thank you note on 17 veteran’s cars. 

11. Meditate for 17 minutes. 

12. Donate blood!! Summer brings a shortage of blood supply in our hospitals. Find a blood donation center near you. 

13. Write a song or story about a yellow pig.

14. Leave 17, $1 bills in random places for strangers to find.

15. Play “Chopped” in your own kitchen for family dinner. One family member picks four ingredients from the cabinet or refrigerator and the "chef" of the family has to make dinner using all four ingredients.  

16. Read 17 books with your kids.

17. Send 17 of your friends or family cards—just because.

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