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Ghost Hunting Day 2016!!

Ghost Hunting Day 2016!! 0

October 1st is "National Ghost Hunting Day", which despite our deep love for Halloween is not a day we are going to actively participate in due to our unhealthy fear of the paranormal (thanks 1980's version of "Poltergeist"). But, if you are all about getting in touch with the afterlife we have some suggestions for you! 

Perhaps you'd like to visit one of the creepiest places in the US, surely you'll find a ghost or two here: 


Or if you are looking for verifiable hauntings this list may give you a better chance at a bona fide contact: 


If the above are maybe a little too much work you could always go directly to what might be a potential super store of hauntings, one of these cemeteries should have some activity, or a lot... 


If you don't want to make contact yourself but are looking for a second hand account, or a resource on the what and why of contact here is an expert resource: 


Finally if you are like us and love the idea of ghosts and feel they are must have decorating element for this month, but are not interested in meeting one, you could opt for our spooky luncheon plate here: 


Happy Hunting no matter what kind of ghosts you are searching for!