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Dia de Muertos!

Dia de Muertos! 0

Our skull  cakelet pan  is just too amazing to only use once. So we gathered up our mini- Main Streeters again for a baking day and decided to mimic the sugar skulls used to celebrate Dia de Muertos with cake. We all enjoyed learning about this day, did you know marigolds are the flower of the dead? 

We thought our skull  cakelet pan  would be perfect to emulate the sugar skulls that are popular for this holiday. The more we learned about the holiday the more we love it. A traditional Mexican holiday where families remember and celebrate their ancestors and passed relatives the sugar skulls aren't meant to be scary but rather symbolic of passing from life to death. The colorful and fun decorations applied to the skulls is meant to symbolize the beauty of their life. How great is that? We let our mini Main Streeters get creative with some basic store bought icing tubes and our favorite cake stands which have become a baking basic  - gives a nice elevated surface and contains all the fun. 



Families start up to a week before setting up an altar with pictures of beloved family members, sugar skulls and flowers, and marigolds or paper flowers. Great link here on how to make your own paper flowers: 


We came across this fun video to watch with our mini Main Streeters to help them better understand the holiday and it's distinct history. 


Enjoy celebrating your loved one's and the beauty of their lives!